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Many university students want to study abroad but are unable to for a variety of reasons: schedule conflicts, academic prerequisites, the steep cost of tuition, and the list goes on. 


But why should cultural immersion experiences be limited to a narrow window of time and rigid academic model?


Here's our solution...

What Makes Us Special

Authentic Immersion

Live with a host family. Get to know locals.

Immerse yourself in Spanish lifestyle and customs, accompanied by expert guides who are passionate about sharing the Spanish language, culture and way of life. 

Let us welcome you into our network of friends and family so you can experience Spain like a local and live an authentic immersion experience.

Open Door Eligibility

We're committed to making immersion experiences open to more people, especially graduating college seniors, graduate students, and post-grads, looking for a transformative experience before their next step in life. We welcome participants regardless of language level or student status to join our program.

Flexible and Customized

We offer a healthy balance of programmed activities and free time to explore the city on your own, making it possible to work on other projects like grad school apps, an online course, or studying for the GRE. Additional optional activities and opportunities for service work allow you to choose your own adventure and customize your experience.

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Lauren Ethridge
event marketing specialist

I loved every minute of my time in Granada, Spain. I can confidently say my experience not only helped my Spanish fluency and confidence but challenged me to meet new people and try new things without hesitation. Anyone considering a Spanish immersion program should take the leap and do it because you’ll make memories and learn more about yourself. You won’t regret it! 

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Karl Dehmelt
teacher + writer

My month in Granada in the summer of 2017 was the catalyst for my own move to Spain after graduating from University; while I've spent nearly two years as an English Teaching Assistant in Andalucia and Madrid, Granada will forever be the city nestled between the Sierra Nevada mountains that ignited my passion for the country, people, and lifestyle. 

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Reed Carlson

The unique geography, beautiful Arabic architecture and easygoing lifestyle are what make Granada so special. My time in Spain showed me a new side of myself, one that is much more appreciative and understanding of various worldviews and values. I plan on returning for another year to teach English in Spain. I recommend this experience to anyone. 

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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

André Gide

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