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Image by Mosa Moseneke

Entertainment & Leisure

Granada is a city overflowing with ways to enjoy life. There is always something going on in this dynamic city, thanks to its fantastic climate, vibrant cultural life, and wide range of leisure activities. For music lovers, Granada offers a variety of entertainment options from street performances, to concerts to live shows in bars. Granada is also big on sports. Not only is it easy to find pick-up soccer games with locals, but Granada’s professional soccer team is in the first division of the Spanish fútbol league and periodically plays teams such as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid. Granada also offers active tourism possibilities, with jogging, hiking and biking in the city and surrounding countryside. 


Granada is also a very artsy city. Wandering through its streets you can find artisan ceramic stores and open air craft fairs, art galleries and exhibitions, and beautiful murals, graffiti, and street art that add to this city's edgy, eclectic charm. 


Granada is nothing short of a gastronomic gem. It leads Andalucía in its ratio of restaurants, taverns and bars to residents, so no matter where you find yourself, you can be sure that there will be a great dining option just around the corner. Since Granada is a young university town, it also ensures a fun and diverse nightlife. No matter what kind of atmosphere you are looking for, Granada’s social scene is  sure to give you something to talk about the next day.

Even with all of these options for entertainment on offer, sometimes the best ways to enjoy life in Granada are the most simple: strolling through its enchanting streets or savoring a café con leche on a beautiful terrace. In Granada, there's truly something for everyone so you really can choose your own adventure!

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