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Image by Isak Gundrosen

The city's charming streets are testament to the layers upon layers of cultures that have inhabited the area of present day Granada. From the Sephardic Jews, to the North African Muslims, to the Roman Catholic Christians, each culture that has inhabited this captivating city has left their mark in the language, cuisine, and architecture of Granada. Evidence of its cultural richness can be found around every corner, particularly in historical neighborhoods such as the Realejo (Jewish quarter), Sacromonte (neighborhood of the gypsies, or gitanos) and the Albaicín (Arabic quarter), and culminate in monuments such as the great Moorish palace and fortress, the Alhambra.


Granada is a testament to the beauty that can result from the mixing of cultures, and is therefore a perfect place to immerse yourself in the magnificent and many-layered culture of Spain. The deeper you dig, the more Granada gives; every calle, plaza and rincón of this city holds secrets waiting to be discovered!

History & Cultural Heritage

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