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Image by Victoriano Izquierdo

Hospitality & Warmth of People

Residents of Granada are known as granaínos. They are generally friendly and extroverted people, living up to the reputation of Spaniards from Spain's southern region called Andalucía being exceptionally warm and sociable. As Granada is both a tourist destination and a university city, there are many foreigners in Granada and granaínos are quite used to interacting with them, however this does not mean all granaínos speak English! Nonetheless, most are very appreciative of any attempt that foreigners make at speaking Spanish and are often eager to practice their English with tourists and students. While some granaínos may seem a bit rough around the edges and direct at first, most are in fact quite warm and usually meet foreigners with an open, welcoming attitude. 

Granaínos live a large part of their life outdoors: in the streets, plazas and parks of their beloved city. They often spend time with friends and family at cafés, bars, and restaurants, as they highly value their social life. The family unit is also of utmost importance to granaínos, and most families make it a priority to gather at mealtime and talk about each other's day. This mealtime ritual is a pillar of the homestay experience for Beyond Language Immersion, and host families eagerly welcome their guests to take part in sharing good food and conversation at least once per day. 

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