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Is this for me?

If these statements describe you, you're in the right place.

You'd like to improve your conversational Spanish, but you aren't interested in formal classroom study.

You're interested in traveling abroad and experiencing another culture, and you want to do it with new friends and trusted guides.

You want to challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone for personal growth and self-discovery.


You enjoy helping others, meeting new people, and learning about cultural values and the complexities of a community.


You value shared experiences and you're open to reflecting on your personal experience with members of a group.  


You're curious about what it means to be a "global citizen;" you're eager to expand your horizons and gain a more global perspective on the world.

Image by Christopher Sardegna
Image by Tachina Lee

Or maybe...

You've thought about studying abroad with your university, but the courses, pricing, dates, or other criteria don't match your particular situation or needs.


You missed your chance to study abroad in college and you have some flexibility in your current phase of life (just graduated, between jobs, or starting a job or grad school at the end of the summer, for example).


You're interested in living abroad someday and want to test the waters through a guided short-term immersion experience.

You feel lost or stuck in your life and you're looking for a unique experience to help you gain clarity and momentum to move forward in life.

You're graduating soon and don't know what's next... You want to take some time for yourself while you discern your next step in life.

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