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Image by Sebastian Yepes

Many university students want to study abroad but are unable to for a variety of reasons: schedule conflicts, academic prerequisites, the steep cost of tuition, and the list goes on. 

But why should cultural immersion experiences be limited to a narrow window of time and rigid academic model?

Here's our solution...

We created Beyond Language Immersion to meet the needs of individuals seeking personal enrichment through cultural immersion outside of the traditional academic setting.

We've taken the traditional month-long study abroad model and modified it to suit these needs.


The result? 


 Our premier program: a four-week long immersion experience in Granada, Spain that takes you beyond the language classroom and into the community.

Our story continuation


We've eliminated the formal academic component and shifted the focus to experiential learning, cultural immersion, and personal enrichment.

We've designed a personalized immersion experience that prioritizes authentic contact with locals led by expert guides.


We've opened the door of our program to participants across the US, including graduating college seniors, recent graduates, and graduate students with any level of proficiency in Spanish.

It is an authentic, customized immersion experience like no other. 

This is a new way to study abroad. 

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