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Image by Jorge Fernández Salas

Quality of Life

Granada is small in size but big in charm. Easily walkable and well-connected, Granada is at the same time a cozy university town and a dynamic modern city. With residential buildings weaved throughout the city center, many Granada residents live in pisos, or apartments, enabling them to enjoy all the amenities of the city right at their doorstep. Public parks, pedestrian streets, and neighborhood plazas make urban living quite comfortable in Granada.


Additionally, Granada is renowned for its gastronomy and tapas culture: the tradition of gathering with friends at a local taberna for a drink and a bite to eat. In fact, Granada is one of few cities in Spain where a tapa comes free with a drink. The city boasts fantastic restaurants as well as casual cafés that make for an excellent quality of life and social scene. With a low crime rate and well-lit streets, Granada offers a safe and comfortable lifestyle. Foreigners easily feel at home in Granada and enjoy discovering its many hidden gems.

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