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Deeya Patel

2022 graduate, Psychology and Spanish

My summer abroad in Granada, Spain truly was an experience of a lifetime! The beautiful culture, people, food, and inclusion I felt from the community made me fall in love with the city in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is wanting to practice their Spanish language and speaking skills without the pressures of a grading system. It is an amazing opportunity to challenge yourself and broaden your horizons- you will not regret it!

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Kenleigh Benoit

Current student in

Speech Language Pathology

I couldn't recommend Beyond more! To anyone who is looking to fully explore the culture of Spain and better their Spanish skills in a non-stressful and completely authentic way -- Holly and Darío have created a truly incredible program where you get the full immersion experience in every aspect while making really great friends along the way. I had the best month and I already wish I could return to Granada!

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Jeffrey Manord

Current student in Psychology

After my university told me I wouldn't be able to study abroad because of a deadline, I was crushed. I went to my professor and told her about the news, but she told me about Beyond Language Immersion: Holly and Darío had already realized the need for this program. Realizing needs is very typical for them - throughout our trip, none of us ever had to stress because Holly and Darío had already taken care of it. If you want to spend your time connecting with locals, living the culture, staying in a Spanish home, and having a new group to call your family: go with Beyond Language Immersion.

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Lauren Molander

Graduating senior in Sociology and Spanish

With an intimate knowledge of Spain, Granada, and the U.S. university student experience, Holly and Darío have handcrafted a program with organic cultural and linguistic immersion that a traditional academic program could only dream of. I highly recommend Beyond Language Immersion to anyone looking to expand their horizons and see the world through a fresh lens.


Caroline Douglas

Current student in Advertising and Spanish

Everything about Beyond feels like a personalized, authentic experience that would be impossible to recreate with any university study abroad or solo trip. Holly and Darío made the month feel like being immersed in a big Spanish family. I’m not sure any other program like it exists. The stay with host families, extremely helpful group meetups, and organized trips made for the best combination of freedom and guidance. I cannot recommend this program enough. You will make lifelong friends and learn so much about language and personal growth. Beyond Language Immersion changed me for the better!


Lauren Ethridge

event marketing specialist

I loved every minute of my time in Granda, Spain. I would love to spend more time there if I get the chance. Granada is a special place because of the history, unforgettable views and sunsets, the food, and the people. It feels like home, but what made it even more special was Dario — our program director’s — home city. He has so much passion for Granada that our program couldn’t help but experience the same passion. As a program director, he is very patient and encouraging with students practicing their Spanish speaking skills because he ultimately wanted his students to succeed and get the most out of their experience. I can confidently say my experience not only helped my Spanish fluency and confidence but challenged me to meet new people and try new things without hesitation. Anyone considering a Spanish immersion program should take the leap and do it because you’ll make memories and learn more about yourself. You won’t regret it! 

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Kevin Ear

technology consultant

Darío was an excellent coordinator. He was a huge part as to why I had a great time in the study abroad program. He was very patient with me when I didn’t know how to speak an ounce of Spanish before going. Dario would always translate and encourage me to keep practicing my Spanish. I always felt safe and if I had questions, Dario was always there. He is from Granada, and we had the chance to visit. It was absolutely beautiful. The architecture was stunning and the food was delicious. You also have to go watch the sunset on top of the hill. I forgot what the hill is called but if you ask Dario, he’ll know. Huge shoutout to Dario and everyone who helped guide us on the program. One of the best times of my life.

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Karl Dehmelt

teacher + writer

My month in Granada in the summer of 2017 opened my eyes and heart to Spanish culture. Holly's enthusiasm, guidance and passion for Spain - especially Granada - guided me as I learned the language and experienced life outside of the United States for the first time in my life. Her eagerness as Program Director made me and every other person in the program motivated to live their own story in Granada, a city with a spirit (and gorgeous scenery!) totally its own, both in Spain and the world over. The time I spent in Granada with Holly and my fellow students was the catalyst for my own move to Spain after graduating from University; while I've spent nearly two years as an English Teaching Assistant in Andalucia and Madrid, Granada will forever be the city nestled between the Sierra Nevada mountains that ignited my passion for the country, people, and lifestyle. It all started with Holly's program!

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Reed Carlson


Visiting Granada was one of the highlights of my semester studying abroad in Spain. The unique geography, beautiful Arabic architecture and easygoing lifestyle are what make Granada so special. Luckily my teacher, Dario, was from Granada and offered a very personal and fun experience that I could not have had otherwise. He not only knew exactly the spots to recommend when I told him what I wanted to do, but his vast knowledge of the Spanish language and culture led to interesting conversation and an overall edifying trip. Ultimately my time in Spain showed me a new side of myself, one that is much more appreciative and understanding of various worldviews and values. I was sad to leave, and I plan on returning for another year to teach English in Spain as soon as possible, simply because it was so enjoyable. I recommend this experience to anyone looking to learn from a knowledgeable and personable teacher while traveling through one of the most beautiful and unique cities in Europe.

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Katherine Edwards

management consultant

My experience in Granada was nothing short of incredible. Being able to call a place like that home for a short while was an amazing immersive experience. The city is rich in culture and I was truly able to step out of my comfort zone and into this new culture. Holly curated an experience for us that was guided but also allowed for a level of independence which gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself and who I am - which may sound cliché but I can assure you it is true. From tapas to paella to Los Italianos gelato the food is second to none. Holly is the absolute best resource for everything Granada + Spain. She is a great sounding board, guide, and her passion for the country shines through in how she leads all her groups. Definitely wish I could relive that experience!

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